Completed Works

What is seemingly a normal Sunday family dinner at the Johnson's home in Middlesex, NC, slowly unravels into terrible tragedy as the grandchildren stumble upon a painful family secret.  Wicket Hall Lane explores the impossibleness of some of life's hardest choices + tackles subjects of forgiveness, blood ties, +  boundaries in this riveting new drama.


2 acts, 1 intermission

8 characters (4 women, 4 men)

Written by Courtney Christison

In this autobiographical, one-woman play, a daughter takes an overnight bus back to her hometown to hold an intervention + turn her Dad into rehab. It's a comedy,  promise.

From addiction, to father/daughter relationships, to a one-eyed toy poodle named Mr. Darcy, the dark humor of Father's Day will have you laughing + crying while it explores the depth of family ties + the connection between personal self-esteem + foundational family relationships.


1 act, no intermission

1 character (female)

Written by Courtney Christison

When Will (a mole person who has lived his whole life below ground in the tunnels deep below New York City) accidentally meets CJ (a woman who is practically engaged to the city's leading Mayoral candidate) their lives are forever changed. Although their love story is anything but conventional, through the help of Will's community, Mole Town + their own new found inspiration through each other, they set out on a journey marked with humor, heart + devastating consequences.


2 acts

18 songs

13 characters + chorus (5 women, 5 men, 2 non gender specific + chorus)

Music, Lyrics + Book by Courtney Christison


Mole Town, Musical, Mole People, NYC, new musical, courtney christison
Father's Day, one woman show, Courtney Christison, alcoholism, intervention
Wicket Hall Lane, new play, family drama, Courtney Christison, female playwright, dark drama

In The Works

Courtney Christison is currently working on the following show

Metanoia, Courtney Christison, song cycle, musical theatre, new musical